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太原翻译公司整理:Phishing 网络欺诈

Rob: Delete! Delete! Delete!

Feifei: 怎么这么生气,Rob?删什么呢?What are you deleting?

Rob: Can’t you see? I’m checking and deleting my emails and … all this phishing!

Feifei: I thought you liked fishing, Rob. 你不是特别喜欢钓鱼吗?You always show us pictures of all the big fish you’ve caught.

Rob: No, Feifei. Fishing with an ‘F’ is good but phishing with a ‘ph’ is not!

Feifei: So you are deleting the ‘ph’s? All the spelling mistakes?

Rob: It’s not a spelling mistake. Phishing – with ‘ph’ is one of those words that’s become popular with the internet. It’s the name of a particular kind of fraud on the internet.

Feifei: Fraud?

Rob: Yes. It’s what we say when someone sends you an email pretending to be a reputable company or person hoping that you’ll respond and give them your personal information. They want things like your bank account number, password, that kind of thing.

Feifei: Oh. ‘Phishing, p-h-i-s-h-i-n-g 网络欺诈。现在有些人假扮有信誉的公司或者个人通过发送电子邮件骗取我们的个人信息,尤其是想获取我们的银行账号和密码。

Rob: Yes. ‘Phishing’ with ‘ph’ is today’s expression in Authentic Real English.

Feifei: Indeed. 今天《地道英语》里我们要学习的短语就是 phishing 网络欺诈,而不是 fishing 钓鱼。

Rob: Let’s hear some examples of how it’s used.



Our bank never sends emails to clients asking them to reply to a message confirming their password. I’m afraid you’ve been a victim of phishing, sir.

I’ve just received an email informing me that I won the lottery. They want my bank details to deposit the prize. But I’ve never entered the lottery. This must be phishing!

Rob: So now you know what kind of phishing I was talking about!

Feifei: Yes. They wanted your bank details, but we’re not taking their bait, are we?

Rob: No, we’re not. Definitely not!

Feifei: Hmmm, I think I have some of these phishing emails in my inbox too.

Rob: So let’s get rid of them all! Come on!

Both: Delete! Delete! Delete! Bye!

Rob: Delete!




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